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Заинтересираните граѓани, претставници на граѓанскиот сектор, бизнис‑заедницата, јавниот сектор и новинарите може да побараат документ, информација или податок од јавните институции преку следната форма.


  • Step 1:  By clicking on the field choose an institutions from which you request information.

  • Step 2: Enter the e-mail address on which you want to receive your answer.

  • Step 3: The field is not compulsory.

  • Step 4: Enter a brief title to inform the officer receiving the message of the content of your request, for example: request for an explanation of the procedure for realization of the right to subsidies for poultry breeding.
  • Step 5:  Enter a specific question. Please avoid asking questions which can receive only a  YES or NO answer.Avoid questions such as: Should I own land in order to be eligible to the right to subsidies for poultry breeding?

Formulate your question in the following fashion: What are the conditions I have to meet in order to realize the right to subsidies for poultry breeding?

  • Step 6:   By clicking the button SEND you confirm and send your request to the institutions chosen.

Having clicked on the SEND button, the message-request is sent to the official address (e-mail) of the persons working for the relevant institutions designated as persons responsible for mediation in delivery of informtion of public character (listed in the official list of the Commission for protection of the right of free access to information of public character). A copy of the message is simultaneously sent to the e-mail of the sender - requesting partz).

The recipient and the sender / requesting party shall receive the message sent through the platform The message will have a link which when clicked will provide to the sender the answer to the question.

All questions asked and answers received through this platform shall be posted in the section „Ask information from public institutions/questions asked and answers received “. Also next to each question asked there will be the status of the request, such as: awaiting an answer, answered or unanswered. The name and the e-mail of the requesting party are considered highly confidential and they will not be disclosed.

It is important that the user/requesting party is aware that the deadline for the answer to the request filed, under the Law on free Access to information of public character, is 30 days from the filing date. If you receive no answer within this deadline, please fill in and take in person the request in writing to the relevant institution. More information is available in the part: File a request in person.

If you face problems when using the platform or you may need help, please notify the administrator of this platform on the following e-mail address: or call the number 02 3298 295.